Future Load Control: Why using 3D visualization for Load Control?

Future Load Control

Have you ever thought about, how Future Load Control might look like? Here is our idea: 3D visualization has long been one of the main issues in surgery training, in architecture as well as in landscape and environmental planning and brought improvements to many aspects of the quality of work execution. Why not then use it also in Load Control?

The utilization of 3D visualization technologies in Weight and Balance - for instance a 3D Loadplan - may be one significant feature of the “Future Load Control”.

Here five advantages that load controllers could experience from 3D visualization technologies:

1.            Error minimization due to effective load plan designs:

2.            Support of operational stability

3.            Improvement of load controller performance

4.            Ease of training and learning:

5.            Improved communication between Load Controller and Ramp Agent:

As a result, we would see it as a Load Control Innovation.

Please read the following white paper explaining more detailed which chances 3D visualization within Load Control offers. I am highly interested in hearing your feedback on this topic or our 3D Loadplan prototype here on this site.


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