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Freitag, November 15, 2019 - 12:23

Get your Ops Control ready for the Pilot Common Project and gear up for System Wide Information Management.

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Thunder storm at the airport (pixabay/skeeze)
Mittwoch, November 13, 2019 - 15:43

Diese Blog-Reihe gewährt interessante Einblicke in das Projektmanagement in der Airline-Branche. Im dritten Blog wurde der Produktlebenszyklus vorgestellt und gezeigt, dass es auch ein Leben außerhalb von Projekten gibt. Da dieses Leben aber das Ergebnis eines Projektes ist, folgt diesmal an einem anschaulichen Beispiel aus der Branche ein vertiefter Blick auf die unterschiedlichen Phasen und den zeitlichen Ablauf eines Projekts.


- by Olaf Raske
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Layla Schwarz-McCray at basketball training
Freitag, November 8, 2019 - 15:58

Layla Schwarz-McCray bewältigt als Manager Marketing & Communications bei Lufthansa Systems ein beeindruckendes Aufgabenspektrum. Und sie sieht durchaus Parallelen zwischen ihrem Job und ihrer Leidenschaft: Basketball.

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Freitag, Oktober 25, 2019 - 10:48

There is a time for every innovation and now it is the time for NDC. That is what the IATA keeps sermonizing since 2012. But is this still correct or are we already heading to the next step – One Order? This blog tries to identify the position of the transformation process for airlines into the era of modern distribution technologies.

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    I am currently working as a consultant at Lufthansa Systems with expertise in project management, quantitative and qualitative industry analysis, cluster promotion and business/economic growth. Previously, I have been responsible for the acquisition, design and implementation of large-scale international projects for various organizations, such as UNIDO, European Commission, GIZ, Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum, etc. This is rounded with my background in research - doctorate in Economics from Ingolstadt School of Management and research activity in Spain – Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness. I am excited to share my work experience with you as I find the airline industry one of the technology-leading ones, especially in transportation.

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    Davide Bardelli is Director Consultant at Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting. Aeronautical engineer and MBA, his focus is on flight planning processes, airline operations control, ATM and management of change. Former Head of Dispatch in a few European airlines, he is experienced in developing operational organizations and in SESAR R&D and SESAR deployment.

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    I have been working in project management and as a business analyst in the aviation industry for more than two decades. My role as a project manager and consultant has brought me into contact with different airlines, air traffic control centers, aviation authorities and airports around the world. I have also served as a project management lecturer at universities for many years. I look forward to contributing my experience in projects for our customers in the future to ensure that we work together to find the best solutions and successfully implement them.

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    For more than 25 years I have been working for Lufthansa including many years for Lufthansa Systems. After I had gained first experiences in application programming I specialized on user interfaces, because I have always been interested to get into direct contact with users and find out what they need. Consequently my career path took me into the communication and marketing department. My main focus is on internal communications and I am editor-in-chief for our intranet e. g. But I also take care for the contents and administration of Lufthansa Systems' internet and social media channels.

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