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Behind the scenes of Lido mPilot – UX design & research

Montag, 18. Jul 2022, 12:45
Read about behind the scenes in the making of Lido mPilot and how User Experience Design and Development shape it, keeping aviation fundaments at the core.

5 exciting years in CAMO and MRO digitalization consulting

Dienstag, 05. Jul 2022, 14:00
Reliable consultancy on aviation-specific CAMO and MRO consists of several pillars. Read about our expertise at Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting and how we manage this complex task.

Ein Tag an der dualen Hochschule

Montag, 11. Apr 2022, 10:00
David und Rosa studieren im sechsten Semester Angewandte Informatik, ein duales Studium, das Theorie an der Hochschule mit praktischer Ausbildung im Betrieb ideal kombiniert.

Much more than “just” codeshare management

Mittwoch, 30. Mar 2022, 6:13
Since 2007, LH is using SchedConnect for codeshare management and schedule data exchange with partners. In fact, the system has evolved into much more in recent years. Nowadays, the system is in use at all LH Group members.

Meine ersten Tage bei Lufthansa Systems

Mittwoch, 16. Mar 2022, 9:35
Am 1. Februar startete ich meine neue Herausforderung bei Lufthansa Systems als Airline Consultant für unsere Lufthansa Group Kunden. In diesem Blogpost beschreibe ich meine persönliche Motivation, weshalb ich mich hier beworben hatte, und gebe einen Einblick in den Onboarding-Prozess.

Product Delivery Manager and pole sport?

Freitag, 28. Jan 2022, 8:19
Our colleague Katalin Szabados works as Product Delivery Manager at Lufthansa Systems Hungária and, as a mother of 4 children, she has a special hobby, pole sport, in which she has achieved beautiful results. We interviewed her about her hobby.