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Stephanie Piwon - photo: private (taken by Sabine Haack)
Mittwoch, Februar 6, 2019 - 10:50

Stephanie Piwon ist Teamleiterin des Teams Customer Solutions Crew Rules. Sie ist zuständig für die kundenspezifische Entwicklung und Anpassung aller regelbezogenen Anforderungen und Optimierungslösungen des Produkts NetLine/Crew. In ihrer Freizeit beschäftigt sich die Teamleiterin mehr mit Wasser als mit der Luft, denn sie ist physikalische Ozeanographin.

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Freitag, Januar 25, 2019 - 07:28

With the release of Lido/eRouteManual 4.9, we are providing new features which will save time and ease pilots' workflow. The latest release of our Windows-based application includes four new features: runway pre-selection in the Lido/AMM, configuration options for company polygons, support of new position data providers, and Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMET) texts displayed directly within the attribute lookup. 

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Dienstag, Januar 22, 2019 - 15:54

Nach dem Schulabschluss überlegen viele junge Leute, wie ihr Berufseinstieg aussehen soll. Theorie in der Uni oder doch lieber eine praktische Ausbildung im Betrieb? Aber wieso eigentlich entweder oder? Unsere drei ehemaligen Studenten, Jan-Niklas Vierheller, Yannick Rave und Christian Seifert berichten, wie man im dualen Studium beides kombinieren kann.

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    I’m currently serving as Senior Product Manager for Lufthansa Systems. In my role, I’m responsible for strategic product development of SchedConnect, a software product for codeshare management and schedule management. I'm acting as consultant for airlines worldwide, mainly covering the overall process of codeshare management, schedule enrichment and schedule distribution. I perform specification studies, moderate user groups, attend as exhibitor on several conferences, create and negotiate proposals and statement of works with potential customers, analyse market developments and trends, ... in short words - everything regarding product management.

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    Since 2001 I have been working for Lufthansa Systems in Berlin: many years in Marketing and Event Management. 2012 I changed to the Corporate Communications department, especially with a focus on Internal Communications. This includes editorial work for our intranet, our newsletter, layout and content management for our intranet site, as well as taking care of communication issues at our Berlin location.

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    Starting at the frontline with the Check In, I accumulated more than 20 years of varied airline experience within the Lufthansa Group. My career at Lufthansa German Airlines has developed and grown through Cabin Crew Recruitment, Crew Management, and Revenue Accounting to being on the vendor side with Lufthansa Systems. At Lufthansa Systems I work as an Airline Consultant for several operational areas, including Operations Control, Crew Management, Hub and Turnaround Management as well as Weight and Balance.

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    Andreas holds a master’s degree in Business and Computer Science from the Technical University Clausthal (Germany). He has been an aviation enthusiast since his early childhood and has been flying for 21 years. Although he doesn’t actively work as a pilot, Andreas keeps his commercial pilot license and flight instructor rating current. Andreas joined Lufthansa Systems 12 years ago and actively led the transformation to digital within the production of navigation charts in his role as Head of Lido/RouteManual Production. Here, his focus was on optimizing the process and increasing the efficiency while sustaining the high quality. Form 2015 onwards, Andreas reorganized and built up the production of navigation charts and software development in Gdansk, Poland, in his role as Director of Aeronautical Navigation Services. Today, Andreas is shaping the future and leading the development of our Windows-based charting solution in his role as Product Owner of the Lido/eRouteManual.

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