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Mittwoch, Mai 8, 2019 - 08:30

Efficient management of airport slots is very challenging nowadays. Air traffic grows and so does the amount of fully coordinated airports. This makes the Initial Submission more and more complex. This blog is therefore about automation strategies within this important Slot Management process.

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 From Zero to Crew Satisfaction Hero  (Copyright: yarruta/123RF.COM)
Freitag, Mai 3, 2019 - 11:58

In a growing aviation industry with a strong forecasted crew shortage, crew satisfaction is becoming more and more important. My colleague Stefan Hartmann and I from Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting spoke about how to increase crew satisfaction at the AGIFORS Crew Management 2019 in Mexico.

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Lukas Bohrmann enjoys everything that has to do with water (© private)
Montag, April 29, 2019 - 15:39

Lukas Bohrmann ist als Product Owner Inflight Entertainment Frontends bei BoardConnect stets auf der Suche nach Innovationen für die Unterhaltung von Passagieren an Bord. Zuletzt stellte er ein Quizspiel auf dem Lufthansa FlyingLab von Frankfurt nach Austin vor.

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Freitag, April 26, 2019 - 12:36

Weather affects the aviation industry more so than almost any other transport industry. And as significant weather events increase in frequency and severity, pilots will require more support in making timely tactical decisions. Read on to find out how Lido can support your airline and pilots to overcome this challenge now and in the future.

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    After my economic high school graduation (called “Abitur” in German) and one year stay in Baltimore/USA (as Au-Pair), I have started my career in the Lufthansa Group, so all in all almost 20 years ago. Since September 2011, I have joined the marketing team of Lufthansa Systems. My main tasks are website-support and communication subjects.

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    Starting at the frontline with the Check In, I accumulated more than 20 years of varied airline experience within the Lufthansa Group. My career at Lufthansa German Airlines has developed and grown through Cabin Crew Recruitment, Crew Management, and Revenue Accounting to being on the vendor side with Lufthansa Systems. At Lufthansa Systems I work as an Airline Consultant for several operational areas, including Operations Control, Crew Management, Hub and Turnaround Management as well as Weight and Balance.

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    With 12 years of aviation experience, I joined Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting in 2017. In my role as Management Consultant I advice and help Airlines to improve their processes in the following Areas of Expertise; Crew Management, Revenue Management and E-commerce

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    For more than 25 years I have been working for Lufthansa including many years for Lufthansa Systems. After I had gained first experiences in application programming I specialized on user interfaces, because I have always been interested to get into direct contact with users and find out what they need. Consequently my career path took me into the communication and marketing department. My main focus is on internal communications and I am editor-in-chief for our intranet e. g. But I also take care for the contents and administration of Lufthansa Systems' internet and social media channels.

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