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Product Owner NetLine Schedule Optimization
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30. Jan 2016
Judith Semar looks back at more than 20 years of aviation experience, mainly focusing on commercial and operational topics. She worked together with airlines worldwide in multiple domains from network planning and scheduling to the day of operations, crew management, revenue management, and pricing. Judith is passionate about using modern technologies, automation, and optimization to manage airlines' business processes and goals. As a portfolio manager, she was responsible for Lufthansa Systems' product line NetLine. Her focus during the last years was on the design and development of analytical and predictive solutions and optimization technologies. As the product owner for Schedule Optimization, she is now responsible for the NetLine optimization platform. As the current chair of the AGIFORS Scheduling and Strategic planning and past chair of the AGIFORS operation, she is well-known to many in the aviation industry.
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How can we support airlines to safeguard profitability and survive the corona crisis?

Dienstag, 24. Mar 2020, 15:08
In exceptional situations such as the current collapse in travel demand due to the worldwide Corona crisis, it is vital for airlines to quickly adapt their flight schedules to a new reality. Capacity and operational costs must be significantly reduced. Schedule changes must be immediately published, so that operational planning areas can react to reduce the impact on both customers and the airline’s resources.

Resilient Airline Scheduling and Operations

Donnerstag, 25. Oct 2018, 9:46
Optimize on-time performance based on delay risk prediction scheduling until day of Ops

From Robust Scheduling to Resilient Scheduling and Operations - Optimize on-time performance based on delay risk prediction

Samstag, 19. May 2018, 8:20
Next week the Airline Operation Research Community gets together on the annual AGIFORS Ops and SSP conference. This year, the conference is hosted by Hawaiian Airlines and will take place on lovely island Honolulu. Many participants attend the AGIFORS conferences regularly since years bringing home new optimization and prediction concepts. However, over a long period of time academic talks on robust scheduling are continuously on the agenda. Session at AGIFORS Ops and SSP conference
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