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How to optimize your slot management on the day of ops!

Mittwoch, 14. Oct 2020, 8:54
The efficient management of airport slots is very challenging nowadays. Especially in these bumpy times, airlines face many ad-hoc schedule changes resulting in high amounts of slot change messages on the day of ops. As a consequence, this leads to great efforts for slot coordinator communication requiring efficient IT solutions. This is where the NetLine/Sched Slot Manager Short Term Mode comes in!

Auf alles vorbereitet – im Büro und in den Bergen

Donnerstag, 11. Apr 2019, 15:04
János Bendes ist Senior System Engineer im Team Application Operations (AO) in Budapest. Er betreut die Produkte NetLine/Ops Classic und NetLine/Ops ++.

Optimierung im Bereich Operations – wir unterstützen Air Malta in ihrer digitalen Transformation

Montag, 04. Mar 2019, 8:29
In nur sieben Monaten haben wir unser erstes Projekt bei Air Malta erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Airline managt ihren operativen Flugbetrieb nun mit Lido/Flight 4D und NetLine/Ops ++ und kann dank der dritten Generation unserer Revenue Integrity-Lösung den Umsatz steigern, indem sie Einbußen durch Überbuchung und Sitzverfall verhindert. Wie das Projekt zum Erfolg wurde, berichte ich in diesem Blog-Beitrag.

If you want something done, do it yourself. Is it true?

Dienstag, 18. Jul 2017, 10:42
If you want something done, do it yourself: is it true? Talking about ops and crew software management, there are two different streamlines in airline IT departments at the moment: the first one supports and applies the theory that the software should be developed in-house, following internal needs and specifications; the second one goes in opposite direction: Airlines should select one or more vendors and purchase software off-the-shelves from them, with some customization if needed.

Three things Crew Tracker really hate!

Mittwoch, 10. Feb 2016, 11:04
Three things Crew Trackers really hate!   The Crew Tracker´s working life consists of plenty of surprises, and for dealing with them fast and efficient decision-making skills are necessary. What they technically call unforeseen circumstances happens every day and can create a lot of problems to the Airlines operations. Let's have a look at the easiest situations that Crew Trackers have to face but really hate: