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Behind the scenes of Lido mPilot – UX design & research

Montag, 18. Jul 2022, 12:45
Read about behind the scenes in the making of Lido mPilot and how User Experience Design and Development shape it, keeping aviation fundaments at the core.

Key learnings from organizing webinars

Mittwoch, 16. Dec 2020, 12:35
The situation of the last month has drastically increased the demand to work virtually. In this article we want to share our experience and learnings using webinars with external participants as an example.

Airline Crisis Assistance: Do you need experience to manage a crisis?

Freitag, 24. Apr 2020, 11:47
A few days ago while talking to a colleague, I realized that I feel old. He argued that “all crises are the same” and that it is possible to come up with a standard methodology to manage any type of crisis. So I took a breath and counted the airline industry crises that I experienced in my career as a network and schedule planner.

How can you stabilize and rebuild customer confidence during and after the Corona crisis?

Montag, 20. Apr 2020, 12:41
  Maintaining a trusting relationship with customers particularly in times of extensive uncertainty, is a key driver of business success and airlines need to focus on the long-term and lifetime value of their customers by proving to them that they care.  

How can MRO/CAMO support airline profitability during and after the corona crisis

Mittwoch, 01. Apr 2020, 14:15
The Corona crisis has pushed the airline industry to its limits, directly affecting the liquidity. Nevertheless, the crisis offers some opportunities to re-position airline’s maintenance strategies, not as cost-generating processes, but as a carefully designed, efficient and lean structure that may add value to the overall profitability.

How can we support airlines to safeguard profitability and survive the corona crisis?

Dienstag, 24. Mar 2020, 15:08
In exceptional situations such as the current collapse in travel demand due to the worldwide Corona crisis, it is vital for airlines to quickly adapt their flight schedules to a new reality. Capacity and operational costs must be significantly reduced. Schedule changes must be immediately published, so that operational planning areas can react to reduce the impact on both customers and the airline’s resources.

Lido SurfaceData obstacle database: Growth, future developments and more

Donnerstag, 23. May 2019, 14:01
The Lido/SurfaceData team maintains an EASA-certified obstacle database containing predominantly manmade structures that are considered safety critical for aviation. The Airspaces and Obstacles Team in Gdańsk, Poland, codes, maintains and updates the obstacles according to publications by national authorities. Read on to find out about the growth of our database in the year 2018 and why the growth rate differs highly per region, and about future developments.

Optimierung im Bereich Operations – wir unterstützen Air Malta in ihrer digitalen Transformation

Montag, 04. Mar 2019, 8:29
In nur sieben Monaten haben wir unser erstes Projekt bei Air Malta erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Airline managt ihren operativen Flugbetrieb nun mit Lido/Flight 4D und NetLine/Ops ++ und kann dank der dritten Generation unserer Revenue Integrity-Lösung den Umsatz steigern, indem sie Einbußen durch Überbuchung und Sitzverfall verhindert. Wie das Projekt zum Erfolg wurde, berichte ich in diesem Blog-Beitrag.

Digital Transformation: Why Business Analysis becomes more and more important

Dienstag, 26. Feb 2019, 9:11
There is nothing to discuss: Today, airlines are constantly challenged to solve new problems quickly and to seize their opportunities. Problems can be caused, for example, by inefficient processes, by a lack of communication culture or even if IT systems don't meet the requirements of the company and its stakeholders. In times of digitization and permanent change airline organizations therefore need a certain expertise to survive successful on the market. This is where Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering come in.

Über den Wolken und unter der Meeresoberfläche

Mittwoch, 06. Feb 2019, 9:50
Stephanie Piwon ist Teamleiterin des Teams Customer Solutions Crew Rules. Sie ist zuständig für die kundenspezifische Entwicklung und Anpassung aller regelbezogenen Anforderungen und Optimierungslösungen des Produkts NetLine/Crew. In ihrer Freizeit beschäftigt sich die Teamleiterin mehr mit Wasser als mit der Luft, denn sie ist physikalische Ozeanographin.

Ehrenamtliche Kampfrichterin

Mittwoch, 05. Dec 2018, 10:27
Ein Ehrenamt ist für viele heutzutage schwer vorstellbar. Wie soll man Familie und Job, Freizeit und Ehrenamt unter einen Hut bekommen? Ein digitaler Arbeitsplatz hilft, wie Claudia Foreshaw beweist. Die HR Teamassistentin aus Raunheim ist lizensierte Kampfrichterin beim Deutschen Leichtathletik Verband.

How to successfully make conduct a large IT transformation: Insights

Donnerstag, 29. Nov 2018, 14:08
From a project management point of view a big IT transformation project contains the three important steps: (1) Assessment of the current processes and data flows, (2) Description of the (target-) IT architecture and (3) Definition and documentation of the requirements. In this blog we would like to provide you with some insights, as each of these steps may contain some tripping hazards. 

Low Cost Carrier at the End of the Happy Road

Dienstag, 20. Nov 2018, 16:22
Low Cost Carriers (LCC) revolutionized the airline world. They successfully challenged the legacy airlines. But success also creates new challenges. The happy road, where LCCs have just dictated the game, may have come to an end. Many new questions need to be answered soon by the LCCs to continue on their (happy) road of success.

Missed Connections – intercultural communication

Donnerstag, 08. Nov 2018, 6:03
We work in a fast-paced multi-cultural environment where communication styles vary considerably. At Lufthansa Systems we now offer special workshops for our employees to reduce misunderstandings, bad decisions and mistrust. I took part in one pilot workshop and want to share my experiences. Maybe it will be as inspiring to you as it was to me.

Resilient Airline Scheduling and Operations

Donnerstag, 25. Oct 2018, 9:46
Optimize on-time performance based on delay risk prediction scheduling until day of Ops

Are you NDC-ready? If not, you better read this!

Montag, 22. Oct 2018, 9:23
With its expected industrialization by 2021 in view, it is really worth to consider the benefits of NDC now – for any airline of any size and business model. It enables you as an airline to transform the way your products are retailed to your business and leisure travelers with full and rich content, and into a rewarding shopping experience for your customers. It also enables you to streamline your fulfillment processes, allowing for more transparency and flexibility.

Consider me as your Date! How to improve the Passenger Travel Experience simply and cost-free!

Mittwoch, 26. Sep 2018, 8:21
Nowadays airlines are moving very fast forward when digitalizing the passenger travel experience. However, sometimes the “basic” things get somehow out of focus, while re-designing and digitalizing the passenger experience processes. Let me explain you here, what I mean.