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Lido SurfaceData obstacle database: Growth, future developments and more

Donnerstag, 23. May 2019, 14:01
The Lido/SurfaceData team maintains an EASA-certified obstacle database containing predominantly manmade structures that are considered safety critical for aviation. The Airspaces and Obstacles Team in Gdańsk, Poland, codes, maintains and updates the obstacles according to publications by national authorities. Read on to find out about the growth of our database in the year 2018 and why the growth rate differs highly per region, and about future developments.

Faszination Erde und Luftraum

Donnerstag, 28. Feb 2019, 15:38
Michael (oder kurz Michi) Sauter ist Senior Product Owner für Aeronautische Daten. Er ist zuständig für die Zukunftsgestaltung des Produktportfolios für aeronautische Daten innerhalb unserer Lido-Domain. In seiner Freizeit ist Michi gerne im Freien – typisch für Geographen – und spielt Floorball in einem von ihm gegründeten Verein – nicht ganz typisch für Geographen.

Lido SurfaceData Obstacles available in AIXM 5.1.1

Freitag, 15. Jun 2018, 10:18
Award-winning Lido/SurfaceData obstacle database now available in AIXM 5.1.1 (feature type Vertical Structure)!

How Data is Driving Safer Mobility

Montag, 03. Jul 2017, 13:58
Disruptive technologies have a huge impact on mobility and transportation systems: from road traffic and train tracks to air transportation. Data contributes to the safety of future transportation systems, such as autonomous or near-autonomous vehicles and self-flying cars.