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History of IFE Systems: The introduction of wireless systems

Freitag, 06. Sep 2019, 10:14
 The IFE systems improved over the time. However, the high installation costs and their weight remained an issue. That changed with the third major paradigm shift in IFE: wireless systems. Let´s see which impact this idea had and where IFE is going in the future in the last part of our blog series summarizing the history of IFE.

History of IFE Systems: The challenge to provide movies

Dienstag, 27. Aug 2019, 9:47
The beginning of digital IFE was marked by different challenges. Besides hardware and software problems, the IFE providers struggled to find an efficient technological way to provide movies to aircraft – safe and not too expensive. In part 4 of our blog series on the history of IFE we take a look at how to provide the content.

History of IFE Systems: From analog to digital – a start with difficulties

Mittwoch, 21. Aug 2019, 9:26
The migration from analog to digital—and from linear to on-demand—is IFE’s second paradigm change which took place in the Nineties. During that time, the industry had to deal with some notable failures. Let´s remember what exactly happened back then and check out part 3 of our blog series summarizing the history of IFE.

History of IFE Systems: From communal screens to personal screens

Mittwoch, 14. Aug 2019, 11:23
The migration from 16mm film to 8mm film to videotape encompassed significant changes, but the first change worthy of the term “paradigm shift” in IFE is almost certainly the shift from the communal screen (overhead screen) to the personal screen. Let´s take a closer look at the history of IFE in part 2 of our blog series.

History of In-Flight Entertainment Systems: How it all began

Freitag, 09. Aug 2019, 9:29
Providing living room-quality entertainment 30,000 feet above the ground is a remarkable technological achievement and one with a history of entrepreneurial and technological innovation. In this blog series we will show the history of in-flight entertainment. Let´s take a look at its beginning.

Mit Neugier unterwegs

Montag, 29. Apr 2019, 13:39
Nicht nur am Arbeitsplatz denkt Lukas wie ein Reisender. Auch in seiner Freizeit entdeckt er gerne neues Territorium – ob in den Bergen oder unter der Meeresoberfläche.  Sie haben einen dualen Bachelorstudiengang der Wirtschaftsinformatik bei Lufthansa Systems abgeschlossen. Wieso haben Sie sich für diesen Werdegang entschieden?

IFE advertising is at a crossroads: Part 2

Dienstag, 02. Apr 2019, 12:58
In the first part of my articles on IFE advertising I talked about automated workflows, the need to build a global cross-platform ecosystem and the possibilities of targeted advertising. In the following second part I will focus on “programmatic” advertising.

IFE advertising is at a crossroads: Part 1

Donnerstag, 28. Mar 2019, 13:33
IFE advertising is stuck in a pre-roll paradigm that depends on the general desirability of the broad passenger demographic without segmentation. The future is a video advertising ecosystem that establishes a global, cross-platform advertising market that combines broadcast, Internet, OTT and mobile out-of-home viewing, supports “programmatic” advertising, enables advertisers to buy audience segments, target specific profiles, and is trackable and verifiable.

Über den Wolken bezahlen wie im Flug

04. Apr 2018