Quo Vadis NDC?

Freitag, 25. Oct 2019, 8:48
There is a time for every innovation and now it is the time for NDC. That is what the IATA keeps sermonizing since 2012. But is this still correct or are we already heading to the next step – One Order? This blog tries to identify the position of the transformation process for airlines into the era of modern distribution technologies.

Are you NDC-ready? If not, you better read this!

Montag, 22. Oct 2018, 9:23
With its expected industrialization by 2021 in view, it is really worth to consider the benefits of NDC now – for any airline of any size and business model. It enables you as an airline to transform the way your products are retailed to your business and leisure travelers with full and rich content, and into a rewarding shopping experience for your customers. It also enables you to streamline your fulfillment processes, allowing for more transparency and flexibility.

IATA’s NDC initiative paves the way for the next evolutionary step in Airline Revenue Management and Pricing

Mittwoch, 03. Aug 2016, 8:27
The success of Amazon or Netflix proves that shopping experience, personalized offers and transparency of offers are key success factors for retailers, when searching for a flight. I miss the same kind of shopping experience, when searching for a flight.