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Part 2: Lido SkyData – Applications

Dienstag, 17. Oct 2017, 6:49
If you think drones are cool, you are absolutely right. However, people don’t use them because they are cool; people use them because they do a better job than other alternatives.   Missed Part 1 of our Lido/SkyData blog series? Catch up on it here. 

Network Planning: IATA Direct Data Solutions Forum 2016

Dienstag, 05. Apr 2016, 14:00
We`ve just spent two exiting days at the IATA Direct Data Solutions (DDS) Forum in Bangkok discussing the advantages for airlines cooperating with IATA DDS. If you have missed this, you will get a second chance to learn more about it by joining the second DDS conference this year. It will take place at the Hyatt/Regency in Mainz, near Frankfurt/Germany on the 26.-27. April 2016.