Airline Operations

How to optimize your slot management on the day of ops!

Mittwoch, 14. Oct 2020, 8:54
The efficient management of airport slots is very challenging nowadays. Especially in these bumpy times, airlines face many ad-hoc schedule changes resulting in high amounts of slot change messages on the day of ops. As a consequence, this leads to great efforts for slot coordinator communication requiring efficient IT solutions. This is where the NetLine/Sched Slot Manager Short Term Mode comes in!

How we at Lufthansa Systems support our customers in times of Covid-19 (Part 2/2)

Dienstag, 15. Sep 2020, 10:15
Successful remote cutover of the Lufthansa Systems Slot Management Suite and provision of a full Initial Submission Service for Italian leisure carrier Neos. A full remote Initial Submission Service is now available for any carrier interested. In case of interest, please contact us.

Slot Management: How we at Lufthansa Systems support our customers in times of Covid-19 (Part 1/2)

Mittwoch, 09. Sep 2020, 5:39
Successful remote cutover of the Lufthansa Systems Slot Management Suite and provision of a full Initial Submission Service for Italian leisure carrier Neos.

Der Weihnachtsmann und sein Crew Management

Mittwoch, 11. Dec 2019, 12:32
Ho ho ho, es ist wieder Weihnachtszeit und mein erfahrenstes Rentier Rudolf und ich haben alle Hände voll zu tun. So viele Kinder – und klar, auch Erwachsene – freuen sich auf das Fest, ein paar ruhige besinnliche Tage. Aber Geschenke, die dürfen dabei nicht fehlen. Denn, und das weiß ich als Weihnachtsmann sehr genau, schenken bringt ebenso Freude wie beschenkt werden.

Im AGIFORS-Vorsitz – einmal um die Welt

Mittwoch, 25. Sep 2019, 6:53
Interview mit Judith Semar Judith Semar ist Product Line Manager für NetLine bei Lufthansa Systems. Seit Anfang 2019 ist sie außerdem AGIFORS-Vorsitzende der Study Group „Airline Operations“. Im folgenden Interview berichtet Judith, was das bedeutet und wie sie dabei Airliner und Aviation Professionals aus der ganzen Welt kennenlernt.

Often neglected – but so important: KPIs in Schedule Management

Dienstag, 17. Sep 2019, 6:36
Key Performance Indicators allow users and managers of schedule departments to measure and manage their targets and goals. But there is still a gap when it comes to this discipline. Read more about this topic in my blog.

Short-term profitability evaluation in Schedule Management (2/2)

Mittwoch, 11. Sep 2019, 8:37
A tactical profitability evaluation is a powerful support for schedule management departments to evaluate the profitability contribution for schedules that are near the publication or closeout date. The second part of this blog sequence will give more insights about this important commercial topic.

Passenger Connection Management in scheduling – why Origin and Destination (OnD) matters (2/2)

Freitag, 05. Jul 2019, 9:28
This blog post continues the discussion, why minding passenger connections is so crucial for any network carrier. We outline challenges, a roadmap and a passenger connection evolution ladder for decision support in scheduling.

Passenger Connection Management in scheduling – why Origin and Destination (OnD) matters (1/2)

Mittwoch, 22. May 2019, 9:28
The ability of offering passenger connections is one of the unique selling propositions of any network carrier. Enabling this USP requires a smart scheduling approach, in which the network goes through constant optimization and in which the individual itineraries (offered for purchase and booked already) are protected as good as possible. This blog post discusses reasons why minding passenger connections is so crucial, why modern scheduling systems often lack Origin and Destination (OnD) decision support and how smart system design can bridge this gap.

Erleben Sie Trainings mit unserer Expertin Manuela, die die Kunden-Perspektive kennt.

Mittwoch, 15. May 2019, 13:53
Manuela Di Ventura, Produkttrainerin und Produktberaterin für NetLine/Crew bei Lufthansa Systems (LSY), erklärt verschiedene Trainingsangebote im Rahmen des Akademiekalenders.

Automation strategies within the Initial Submission process (Part 2 of 2)

Mittwoch, 08. May 2019, 6:30
Efficient management of airport slots is very challenging nowadays. Air traffic grows and so does the amount of fully coordinated airports. This makes the Initial Submission more and more complex. This blog is therefore about automation strategies within this important Slot Management process.

Automation strategies within the Initial Submission process (Part 1 of 2)

Mittwoch, 17. Apr 2019, 6:22
Efficient management of airport slots is very challenging nowadays. Air traffic grows and so does the amount of fully coordinated airports. Especially during the Initial Submission airlines needs to be sure to achieve an optimum slot utilization. Automation can support here tremendously.  

…and when did you make your last mistake at the ticket vending machine? Error minimization strategies in Slot Management.

Mittwoch, 06. Mar 2019, 6:33
Slot Management is still managed at many airlines in a manual-oriented manner. But looking at our human nature, such manual working routines imply a high risk of human errors that naturally happen. Please read my blog to get some ideas how an efficient error minimization risk strategy might look like.

Optimierung im Bereich Operations – wir unterstützen Air Malta in ihrer digitalen Transformation

Montag, 04. Mar 2019, 8:29
In nur sieben Monaten haben wir unser erstes Projekt bei Air Malta erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Die Airline managt ihren operativen Flugbetrieb nun mit Lido/Flight 4D und NetLine/Ops ++ und kann dank der dritten Generation unserer Revenue Integrity-Lösung den Umsatz steigern, indem sie Einbußen durch Überbuchung und Sitzverfall verhindert. Wie das Projekt zum Erfolg wurde, berichte ich in diesem Blog-Beitrag.

Future Ramp (Part 3): Digitalize Your Turnaround Management

Mittwoch, 20. Feb 2019, 7:13
Punctual turnarounds have become a critical factor for success for airline operations, though it is still a relatively uncharted territory for many airlines. Therefore it shall be part of any airlines digitalization strategy.  The biggest obstacle however is the laborious gathering of the necessary data. “Turnaround Management 3.0” might be a solution.

How to manage business transformation in CAMO/MRO projects

Mittwoch, 09. Jan 2019, 13:05
Coping with ambiguous regulations and effects of digitalization: Please read this blog that describes the challenges for airlines’ CAMO/MRO organizations and how CAMO/MRO consulting can support

Low Cost Carrier at the End of the Happy Road

Dienstag, 20. Nov 2018, 16:22
Low Cost Carriers (LCC) revolutionized the airline world. They successfully challenged the legacy airlines. But success also creates new challenges. The happy road, where LCCs have just dictated the game, may have come to an end. Many new questions need to be answered soon by the LCCs to continue on their (happy) road of success.

Resilient Airline Scheduling and Operations

Donnerstag, 25. Oct 2018, 9:46
Optimize on-time performance based on delay risk prediction scheduling until day of Ops

Future Ramp: How to create a good Ramp Agent Dashboard (Part 2)

Donnerstag, 18. Oct 2018, 13:27
Future Ramp: In part 2 my blog sequence “How to create a good Ramp Agent Dashboard” I add five more recommendations for a professional Ramp Agent Dashboard design. If you like to hear more about the Ramp Agent Workspace Solution approach, come and listen to my presentation in one week at the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference APAC, Bangkok, Thailand

Consider me as your Date! How to improve the Passenger Travel Experience simply and cost-free!

Mittwoch, 26. Sep 2018, 8:21
Nowadays airlines are moving very fast forward when digitalizing the passenger travel experience. However, sometimes the “basic” things get somehow out of focus, while re-designing and digitalizing the passenger experience processes. Let me explain you here, what I mean.

The OCC-“Allrounder” or the “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”

Sonntag, 02. Sep 2018, 22:00
Often organizations are stuck in their old structures in times of fast growth, often manpower and resources are limited, sometimes a “we always did it like that” policy prevents required adjustments to changing environments. It is time for a change.

How to achieve Automation in Load Control (Part 4 of 7): Automated Messaging

Dienstag, 03. Jul 2018, 9:15
Automated messaging is an important and in parts also mandatory part of Load Control. It is the transmission of (necessary) Load Control information, messages and documents that need to be delivered to other Load Control stakeholders for further processing. Please read in this blog, what kind of messages shall ideally be triggered automatically.

From Robust Scheduling to Resilient Scheduling and Operations - Optimize on-time performance based on delay risk prediction

Samstag, 19. May 2018, 8:20
Next week the Airline Operation Research Community gets together on the annual AGIFORS Ops and SSP conference. This year, the conference is hosted by Hawaiian Airlines and will take place on lovely island Honolulu. Many participants attend the AGIFORS conferences regularly since years bringing home new optimization and prediction concepts. However, over a long period of time academic talks on robust scheduling are continuously on the agenda. Session at AGIFORS Ops and SSP conference

Future Ramp: Digitalize Your Ramp!

Donnerstag, 19. Apr 2018, 15:13
Are you a digitalized airline? I am sure, you will say “Yes” or “We are just transforming”. I totally agree with you, when looking at the area of the passenger travel experience. But do your digitalization activities also include the ramp? If not, I would like to invite you to follow this blog series about the “Future Ramp”.

How to achieve Automation in Load Control (Part 1 of 7)

Mittwoch, 15. Nov 2017, 8:19
A high level of automation is one, if not the most important objective for Load Control organizations within airlines. In this blog I speak about selected automation triggers that might help a airlines to identify fields of improvement within their Weight & Balance department.

Part 2: Lido SkyData – Applications

Dienstag, 17. Oct 2017, 6:49
If you think drones are cool, you are absolutely right. However, people don’t use them because they are cool; people use them because they do a better job than other alternatives.   Missed Part 1 of our Lido/SkyData blog series? Catch up on it here. 

If you want something done, do it yourself. Is it true?

Dienstag, 18. Jul 2017, 10:42
If you want something done, do it yourself: is it true? Talking about ops and crew software management, there are two different streamlines in airline IT departments at the moment: the first one supports and applies the theory that the software should be developed in-house, following internal needs and specifications; the second one goes in opposite direction: Airlines should select one or more vendors and purchase software off-the-shelves from them, with some customization if needed.

Automatic Disruption Handling in Crew Management. Is that possible?

Montag, 12. Jun 2017, 11:27
All you have to do is to push the “Find Solution” button and the system will generate for you the best suitable solution. Then, the next step is to push the “Apply Solution” button and the changes will be applied, notification generated and sent to crew members to have them ready to fly.

Small button, big sensitivity area!

Mittwoch, 24. May 2017, 10:48
We’ve  received some user feedback that the button to expand/collapse the flight folder in Lido mPilot was too small to tap in vibratory/turbulent conditions. The sensitivity area of this button or “hot zone” is actually larger than the button itself and extends horizontally to include the displayed title on its right. This is valid for all modules of the application: terminal charts, enroute and documents.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

Montag, 06. Mar 2017, 16:23
“Good morning Hal”, Klaus says, sitting at his desk and adjusting the volume of his Bluetooth ear set. It is 8 a.m., 22nd of January 2020. Klaus Moore is starting his duty shift at HYPOCC of Galaxy Airline Alliance in Berlin. On his right hand side sits Kumiko, a young Japanese lady working for TokioJet as Crew and Ops controller. On Klaus left side there is Paulo, a Maintenance and OperationTracker of New Aviolinas Argentinas, who is drinking his coffee.

Lufthansa Systems White Paper: Airline Turnaround Management

Donnerstag, 16. Feb 2017, 10:31
Are suffering of delays because you don´t know what is happening with your aircraft on the ground?  Then carefully read this White Paper about Turnaround Management.

Codeshare synchronicity within the major alliances

Dienstag, 31. Jan 2017, 10:13
Codeshare co-operations between airlines are reflected in the schedules with different Data Element Identifiers (DEI). The operating carrier labels its own operating flight wanted to be offered for a certain partner with a DEI 010 identifying the respective marketing flight. The codeshare partner has to build the according marketing flight as a kind of mirror image using the Data Element Identifier 050. Example:

Improve your Load Control efficiency (4): Why the auto-load button doesn´t always make your life easier….

Donnerstag, 24. Nov 2016, 12:18
In Load Control automation can be described as the use of system support to simplify processes. But it appears that the benefits gained through automation are perceived differently between the management and the user level. It is the management’s task to take these gaps into consideration when deciding to make their load control department more efficient through automation support.  

Improve your Load Control efficiency (3): Why culture matters!

Montag, 11. Jul 2016, 5:46
Buying "a fully automated" Load Control Solution seems to be for many airlines the perfect ultimate key to achieve increased productivity. But looking in a more holistic way on this topic, I found out, that cultural influence in work organizations plays a much more important role, than one might believe. Moreover: Culture most often can´t be “seen”. But it is there!  

A perfect roster: Airline’s objectives and Crew needs

Mittwoch, 06. Jul 2016, 14:06
A perfect roster for a crew member should surely include the granting of the submitted requests and preferences and also have a good balance between number of flight hours and on duty days against off days according to the flight time limitation regulation given by the airline and, most important, by the civil aviation authority.

Why do pro-active Hub Management?

Dienstag, 19. Apr 2016, 8:42
Why do pro-active Hub Management? Proactive Hub Management delivers enormous benefits to ensure passenger satisfaction, strengthen an airline’s brand and save a significant amount of money. The goal of this White Paper for Hub Management is to suggest an initial approach to what Hub Management is about, what it can do and why it is especially of value for network-oriented carriers nowadays.

Improve Your Load Control Efficiency (2) - Correct Usage of the System

Dienstag, 05. Apr 2016, 11:01
You probably have experienced the following situation while using Microsoft Word®: You are in hurry, because you need this 30-page document to be ready by tomorrow. But instead of creating first a style sheet, you – because you have forgotten how to create a style sheet – try to save time by simply typing the whole text into a blank document. Afterwards you bring it into the desired design by formatting it manually.

Future Load Control: Why using 3D visualization for Load Control?

Montag, 14. Mar 2016, 10:06
Have you ever thought about, how Future Load Control might look like? Here is our idea: 3D visualization has long been one of the main issues in surgery training, in architecture as well as in landscape and environmental planning and brought improvements to many aspects of the quality of work execution. Why not then use it also in Load Control? The utilization of 3D visualization technologies in Weight and Balance - for instance a 3D Loadplan - may be one significant feature of the “Future Load Control”.

Improving the world with the “Autoload button”

Dienstag, 23. Feb 2016, 12:24
What a great idea: A little button that helps us to cope with our daily challenges.

Three things Crew Tracker really hate!

Mittwoch, 10. Feb 2016, 11:04
Three things Crew Trackers really hate!   The Crew Tracker´s working life consists of plenty of surprises, and for dealing with them fast and efficient decision-making skills are necessary. What they technically call unforeseen circumstances happens every day and can create a lot of problems to the Airlines operations. Let's have a look at the easiest situations that Crew Trackers have to face but really hate:

Improve your efficiency. Thoughts at the beginning of the year

Dienstag, 02. Feb 2016, 10:57
How can we be more efficient? Probably one of the most stated goals in airline business nowadays. With this initial blog I would like to start a series of future blogs that shall give a more holistic approach towards this important business goal.