Part1: Going Paperless? We have the Backup Solution you need!

Lido RouteManual-Backup

Are you operating with an outdated paper-based backup solution for your navigation charts? We have the modern backup solution you need.

This is Part 1 of our series on navigation chart backup solutions. To skip ahead to Part 2 go here.

Over the years, Lido Navigation has helped more and more airlines move towards a paperless cockpit. Can you guess what issue stops most airlines from achieving their goal? It's the ability to demonstrate a suitable backup solution for charting data to their regulator that is not paper-based.  


We understand how frustrating this can be, so in early 2016 we formed a team with a mission to build a paperless backup for pilots' navigation charts which was flexible enough to meet different regulators' requirements. It needed to work in both digital and print formats, be robust and redundant, accessible from anywhere in the world by anyone with the right authority, and most importantly, easy to use when time was crucial. This month our team has achieved their mission and launched the Lido RouteManual Backup, available to both Lido mPilot and Lido eRouteManual customers.

Lido RouteManual-Backup-on-mobile-deviceLido RouteManual-Backup-on-iOS


The backup solution provides a clean and user friendly website which can be accessed from any modern web browser, both on desktop or mobile. In just a few clicks you can select and download all the charts you need in a single file which is easy to distribute to a backup device or print on demand.

So what does it look like? Take a sneak-peak and access a free trial version by filling out this form and we will create your trial account with no obligations.


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