Part 2: Lido AMM Features and Functionalities

Taxiing in congested airports and under low visibility conditions is a complex task. Lido mPilot 3.0, integrated with Lido AMM, will support you during your operation, increasing your situational awareness and enabling safer taxi operations.


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Entry and highlighting capability of taxi destination:

When taxiing in large airports and under low visibility conditions it is a common challenge to identify the intended destination. Lido mPilot 3.0 supports pilots by providing them with the option to manually enter the desired taxi destination (parking stand or runway) which will then be highlighted on the map at all zoom levels. In addition to manually entering the destination, pilots may also directly tap on a parking stand or runway designator which will also make this selection. If the destination is outside of the current map coverage a green arrow will indicate in which direction the destination is (as depicted on the right hand side of screenshot below).



Pilot annotations:

The Airport Moving Map allows pilots to close map elements such as taxiways and runways in accordance with the latest NOTAMs information or ATC reports. This feature ensures that operational restrictions are not overlooked whilst taxiing.


Support of two map orientation modes:

  1. The planning view mode: depicts a north-up static map where the selection of taxi destinations or the closing of map elements is possible.
  2. The track-up view mode (as seen in the screenshot below): a single tap on the own-ship symbol switches to a map orientation where the own-ship symbol remains static and the underlying airport map moves and rotates as the aircraft travels (see image below). A second tap on the own-ship symbol will switch back to the planning view mode.







Lido mPilot:

Part 1 :


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