Lufthansa Systems and LMT presenting their vision of a UTM platform

Lufthansa Systems and LMT jointly presented their vision of a UTM platform at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

At the end of February, Lufthansa Systems had the opportunity to take part in Mobile World Congress presenting an innovative UTM system which will be tested this year together with mobile operator from Latvia – LMT. The main purpose is to approve or deny unmanned operations based on terrain, airspace and current weather conditions.

Since unmanned vehicles have joined the air traffic, the number of flight movements is increasing at high speed. According to estimations by the German air traffic control by 2020, 1.2 million drones will fly in the sky in Germany. The US FAA expects almost 3.5 million drones in American airspace by 2021. Due to a lack of uniform regulations or a lack of knowledge, the new members of air traffic can become intruders into a safe and well-organized airspace.

At Lufthansa Systems, we are working on a UTM platform that will enable drone operators to become fully-fledged airspace users and ensure a smooth and safe air traffic experience for all users. We lately had the pleasure to present our solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The event started on February 25 and for four days, we were able to present our Drone Solutions on a great stand decorated with stone and moss. Together with a Latvian mobile operator, LMT, we presented our vision of a mobile & connected UTM platform.


What is special about the Drone Solutions UTM system?

Drone Solutions is a UTM tool that enables the real-life monitoring of unmanned air-traffic operations. It supports both the public and private sectors and ensures the safe integration of drone operators into a well-structured airspace. The application shows different types of data that are critical for safe operation - controlled airspaces, airport areas, infrastructure, weather and allows automated approval of the requested flight. To ensure that all compliance requirements and the current law are taken into account, it is important to involve national and local rules and regulations.

The idea for Drone Solutions emerged in Gdansk and was funded by the internal innovation fund of the Lufthansa Group. As markets evolve rapidly, Drone Solutions can make it possible to benefit from this sector. New business opportunities can also be created without compromising the quality and safety of manned aviation.


Lufthansa Systems is working with LMT on a mobile, connected UTM platform. This idea emerged as a result of mutual interest in creating an innovative solution to enable safe unmanned operations in Latvia and open business possibilities in this field. Basing on LMT infrastructure and our UTM system, we plan to implement the solution in a trial mode to test the system with a selected group of users. The trial is planned to start in the near future. Stay tuned to learn more about our next steps.

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