How to Align Text Information from 190 Different Countries

Lido RouteManual

I am an editor of the text information part of the Lido RouteManual. Additionally to the charting information, the Lido RouteManual contains a text part with rules and regulations to be observed by flight crews. They comprise extracts from ICAO Standards and Practices, EASA- and FAA Regulations as well as publications of some 190 countries. The topics range from ATC Procedures, Communications, Navigation, Aerodrome Information to Meteorology, just to name a few.

The first stage of my working process is to screen the entire jungle of publications and to pick out only those parts which are relevant for the flight crew to conduct a safe operation. Once I have identified a publication that needs to be included in theLido RouteManual, the art is to remodel the original text in such manner, that it is short, precise and grammatically correct.

This can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to publications from states which are not quite familiar with the English language. It can happen, that the original meaning of a text is completely twisted in their English publication. This is where my language skills in French, Spanish and Italian come in. By analyzing the original text and comparing it with the English version, I make sure that our publications are not "lost in translation". When it comes to languages that I do not speak, I can also seek assistance from other colleagues within Lufthansa Systems FlightNav in Zürich. We have a fine group of international people, speaking many different languages. In rare cases, the publishing authority needs to be contacted with a request for clarification.

When it comes to descriptions of complex procedures, these are sometimes published in the source document in free text form with little or no structure. There I consider to a create tables, in order to present the procedures step by step in a easy to read format.

The ultimate goal of my job is to provide the flight crews with all the text information required for their daily flight operation and as well a reference book for information that is only needed occasionally.