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Senior Product Manager
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30. Jan 2016
Phone: +49 (0) 151 589 21229
I’m currently serving as Senior Product Manager for Lufthansa Systems. In my role, I’m responsible for strategic product development of SchedConnect, a software product for codeshare management and schedule management. I'm acting as consultant for airlines worldwide, mainly covering the overall process of codeshare management, schedule enrichment and schedule distribution. I perform specification studies, moderate user groups, attend as exhibitor on several conferences, create and negotiate proposals and statement of works with potential customers, analyse market developments and trends, ... in short words - everything regarding product management.
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Much more than “just” codeshare management

Mittwoch, 30. Mar 2022, 6:13
Since 2007, LH is using SchedConnect for codeshare management and schedule data exchange with partners. In fact, the system has evolved into much more in recent years. Nowadays, the system is in use at all LH Group members.

The need to inform and to be informed

Mittwoch, 17. Feb 2021, 15:38
Massive flight changes and cancellations are ubiquitous. Schedule volatility is increasing around the globe. No airline is able to create its schedule on a seasonal base. Even in stable conditions, getting timely schedule information is a challenge. During a pandemic, it is needed more than ever.

Codeshare synchronization within the major alliances (version 2020)

Freitag, 04. Dec 2020, 12:37
A codeshare agreement between two partnering airlines requires mutual consent on processes and a regular schedule data exchange. In the crisis, these process arrangements are put to test.

Codeshare business will boost in the “New Normal”

Mittwoch, 22. Jul 2020, 7:11
Airlines all around the globe continuously are planning how their network should look like during and after the crisis. They had and they still have to reduce not only the frequency to specific destinations, they also have aircraft on the ground and ceased operations to some destinations overall.

How to trim your schedule & codeshare management for the recovery to the “New Normal”

Dienstag, 30. Jun 2020, 13:02
The pandemic is having a worldwide effect. Nearly every economy has to fight with the negative impacts. The aviation sector in particular is very badly affected by the crisis. Airlines get away from the traditional seasonal-based schedule planning to a more agile way. What does it mean for schedule and codeshare management?

Covid-19: Impacts to MinCTs and connection building

Mittwoch, 27. May 2020, 5:55
Airlines and airports have to consider measures to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 between travelers, airport staff and crew members. These actions may increase the time passengers have to spend at the airport before they board a flight or while waiting for the connecting flight.
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