Lufthansa Systems ist ein IATA Strategic Partner.


Also see the Press Release from March 2016

JR Technologies

Lufthansa Systems hat eine Marketing-Partnerschaft mit JR Technologies, die sich auf NDC-Systeme der nächsten Generation konzentriert, einschließlich Flughafen- und Crew-Systeme, die direkt mit unserem Auftragsmanagement verbunden sind, sowie Tarifmanagement, Preisgestaltung und Ertragsmanagement-Tools der nächsten Generation.


The Power of Connected
Lido Navigation has been proudly partnered with Honeywell since 2006 to provide our customers with integrated solutions to increase safety and operational efficiency.


The aircraft operations suite
Lido Navigation has been a proud partner of Avio since 2014. Lido's navigation solutions can be seamlessly integrated into Avio's EFB solution, AvioBook, jointly facilitating the flight deck workflows and allowing pilots to focus on safety relevant tasks.

UTC Aerospace Systems

Where ingenuity takes off
Since 2014, UTC Aerospace Systems has worked with Lido Navigation, enabling pilots to connect their iPads to the avionic systems via an aircraft interface device.

Teledyne Controls

Everywhere you look
Since 2016, Teledyne and Lido Navigation have partnered, enabling pilots to connect their tablets with windows operating systems to the avionics systems via an aircraft interface device