Lido AirportObstacleDataService

Continous identification of topographic obstacles – safe take-off with Lido AirportObstacleDataService

Before take-off pilots need calculate to the final take-off weight and take-off speed of the aircraft. They can use take off performance solutions such as our Lido TakeOff to do so or Runway Weight Charts. For sure obstacles around the airport are taken into consideration automatically.

The infrastructure as well as the natural surroundings of airports all over the world change daily. New office buildings are constructed or electricity pylons erected. In addition, trees grow and landslides can also alter the elevation conditions around an airport.

These examples make it clear that topographic obstacles around airports worldwide have an influence on air traffic.
You are now probably wondering how the topographic conditions of airports around the globe are determined. We regularly analyze official topographic data worldwide. Furthermore, we use entries from AIPs (aeronautical information publications) published by aviation authorities all over the world. All kinds of chart material, including hiking maps of particularly inaccessible areas, are taken into consideration in the obstacle database of Lufthansa Systems.

In some case, pilots also notify our experts of new obstacles before we receive an official message from an aviation authority. One such example is a newly built hotel in Beirut which, although 9.5 kilometers from the runway, still influences the routing.

And how can you receive our data? Just as you prefer, we will send you the updated information once a week – in electronic or printed form.

Our Lido AirportObstacleDataService contains information on 1,600 airports and their obstacles worldwide, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. And now you can decide whether we should analyze further airports and their surroundings for you...