IOCC - Integrated Operations Control Center Platform

Are you integrated?

Lufthansa Systems’ IOCC Platform gives you the business process integration that puts you squarely in the pilot's seat…at the controls… and in control.

It drives the essential efficiencies and economies throughout your airline’s operations.

From short-term schedule management, operations control, and crew management to flight planning and weight & balance, the IOCC Platform is suitable to increase operational and economical benefits unattainable with any standalone system.

Calculations based on specific customer usage scenarios demonstrate that even a mid-sized network airline with 90 aircraft can save up to 30 US million dollars a year by using the IOCC Platform.

Boost your adaptability to changes in daily operations

Airlines today demand tools that address changing market dynamics. Enhanced adaptability, integration, speed, and economies are essential. Stand-alone systems are not enough. Achieving operational and financial excellence requires new business models backed by proven technologies – the very essence of Lufthansa Systems’ IOCC Platform.

Our IOCC Platform:

  • Addresses changing operations and market demands
  • Improves cross-departmental optimization and controls operational complexity
  • Secures a safe migration protecting your daily operation
  • Delivers a fast ROI and secures long-term investment
  • Reflects our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the airline industry and supports your success