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Jörn Sellhorn-Timm

Senior Consultant
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Aug 10, 2018
Phone: +49 151 58947109
Since more than 30 years in the industry in different positions in Operations Control, Aircraft Maintenance, Training, IT, Projects and Consulting I've had the opportunity to work for Lufthansa internal and external customer. Starting in aircraft maintenance I was working since 1989 in the OCC environment, in the beginning in LH Flight Dispatch in Frankfurt. After moving to the new established Operations Control Center of German Cargo I’ve understood the challenges of operational control in a wider context. During the development of processes and tools integrating all variable factors into one decision making process the processes and tools were developed continuously. Together with my instructor duties from 2001 onward for LH Aviation Training and in connection with my tasks in IT-development, project management and consulting services I became slowly a consultant. Since 2017 I’m a team member of Airline Consulting in Lufthansa Systems. Parallel to my duties as Senior Consultatn I'm supporting ICAO and EASA in task forces and advisory groups for the development of operational control concepts.
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