Lido/mPilot: Tutorials

Want to know more about our iOS-based electronic navigation charts? Watch our latest Lido/mPilot tutorials to find out more!


Lido/mPilot 4.0 – Pilot notes

The pilot notes tool gives users the ability to create notes and link them to geographical points on the enroute map.

Lido/mPilot 4.0 – Range Rings

Lido/mPilot 3.0 Tutorial – Lido/AMM on iOS

Lido/mPilot 3.0 marks the launch of the Airport Moving Map, Lido/AMM, on iOS. This release is designed to improve pilots' situational awareness during taxi operations in all weather conditions so that their attention can be focused on what really matters: safe and efficient aircraft operations.

Lido/mPilot 2.0 Tutorial 1 – Flight Folder and Start-up

Lido/mPilot 2.0 Tutorial 2 – Enroute Map

Lido/mPilot 2.0 Tutorial 3 – Graphical User Interface

Lido/mPilot - How to Upload Documents Using DVMS

This tutorial provides information for airline administrators on how to upload documents to Lido/mPilot using DVMS.