Ancillary Revenue Services


A marketplace for ancillary Revenue

The key to generation of ancillary revenues from your Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is Data Management. As a forward-looking IT company, Lufthansa Systems can show you how the same database drives 1) Content Recommendation & Discovery, 2) Targeted & Personalized Advertising, and 3) Personalized & Dynamic Ecommerce. Let us demonstrate how the convergence of personal data, environmental data, and behavioral data can result in increased revenue and higher CPMs.

It is no longer necessary to bombard every passenger with the same ad, multiple times. Targeted advertising helps to ensure that passengers only receive advertising relevant to them, but for which advertisers will pay higher CPMs to reach a targeted audience. Dynamic delivery of advertising to the aircraft in days rather than weeks ensures that you do not miss out on time-sensitive campaigns. And programmatic ad sales gives you an automated interface with ad agencies the world over--making you part of the global, digital, cross-platform advertising ecosystem of today and tomorrow.

When passengers are fully engaged in our DXP, revenue generation opportunities abound. It has never been more important than now to monetize your passenger experience services. Let us show you how.