BoardConnect Digital Experience Platform

Passenger Experience (© iStock/stock_colors)
Passenger Experience (© iStock/stock_colors)

Maximize ancillary revenues

BoardConnect - Digital Experience Platform

Our passion for detail created the idea of an open digital platform. This was the birth of the BoardConnect Digital Experience Platform (DXP.) 
The platform has grown over the years from a simple IFE system to a full blown and powerful open revenue platform, enabling our partners to deploy their services.
A web-based portal offers AVOD content enriched with programmatic advertisement, destination services and tons of advertorial content – and it‘s your call where to place the paywall to have paid and free content. The platform has been developed to comply with PCI requirements. 

Our team of developers, business and product owners continuously strive to perfect the passenger experience. Within our agile organization we have created unique relationships with our customers as they are participating in our software planning which allows us to jointly define the next generation of IFE.

Modern IFE portal with full DRM Streaming

A state-of-the-art IFE portal using the latest web technology stacks provides the most advanced revenue capabilities and the highest design flexibility. Reliable and fast!
HD content is directly displayed in the browser, no need for an extra App. 
The BoardConnect IFE portal speaks almost every language, easily managed in our Content Management Systems. Not only languages can be configured, it allows route-based content, multiple content sets for upcoming cycles and even shows the editing in an instant preview. 
An amazing experience for everyone – content editors appreciate it, your guests will enjoy it and the kids will love it.


The Mobile Streaming Unit

We were the first to introduce a portable streaming unit that just requires operational approval to make your fleet immediately IFE enhanced. 
Designed to bring the inflight entertainment experience to your passengers. 
A standard IFE server is like a un-tuned piano. You may have a most epic melody, but it just doesn’t sound right. 
Together with our trusted hardware vendor we have engineered a Portable IFE server that orchestrates the bit and pieces, like the latest wifi standards with up 100 HQ streams per unit, remote content updates, Bluetooth and a GPS receiver. 
In conjunction with our optimized software platform it has been specifically developed to support Docker Applications, making it simple to enhance and enrich your Inflight Entertainment content.


Marketplace Partner Programm

We at BoardConnect believe that Partnering for innovation is a powerful, sustainable source of growth, value and competitive advantage.

When done right, product partnerships build a connection that is valuable for both parties. The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) within BoardConnect is a powerful marketplace where strategic partnerships meet airline needs. It´s the soul of our product and we love to see how it lives and evolves to discover and explore the future of the Digital Experience Platform.

Be part of the journey and join our marketplace or just take benefit from the most advanced Inflight Entertainment experienced.



The BoardConnect data analytics platform is a key enabler to support our customers to make business decisions based on data-driven algorithms. Flight, user behavior, content meta-data and many other data combined together can reveal basic, descriptive statistics instantly. Hundreds of meaningful and relevant metrics, charts and colorful visuals are available through our cloud based service, anytime on any device. Our data analytics platform has proven its value for our customers, it positively affects their daily operation monitoring as well as shaping airlines strategic directions with regards to content selection and UI layout. Data inconsistency, deviation or irregularity is constantly being monitored thus providing robust and high reliability services. The digital age and its core elements - like machine learning and modern data visualization - are shaping the roadmap of the BC data analytics.


Operational approval

We have brought to life a Portable Streaming Unit that can be operated without the need of a supplemental type certification (STC). Our development was always focused on operational requirements. 
We have an approval strategy to support you as an operator to quickly achieve operational approval. We successfully installed the Portable on large fleets all over the world by supporting the Airline in working with the local authorities. Our knowledge will be your advantage. 


Agile Competence

Lufthansa Systems’ software development competence has been proven during almost a quarter of a century supplying the aviation industry. We use Agile software development, in the full awareness of how technology is becoming a primary factor in digital business strategies.  
Agile development methods are key to fast responses to market demands. Agility is all about focusing a company’s software culture as well as its basic operating mode in order to meet these fast-changing needs.  
Lufthansa Systems adopted agile software development methods to speed-up implementation and software deployment. The BoardConnect software development organization consists of small, cross-functional, self-contained teams that deliver technology in quick increments.  
Our customers benefit tangibly from this approach and have come to appreciate its value. 

  • Servicefreundliche Plug-and-Play-Hardware
  • Einfache und schnelle Platzierung in der Gepäckablage
  • Eingebettete Spieleplattform, Zielortvideos sowie eine dynamische Karte
  • Hollywood-Inhalte und andere Optionen enthalten in einem schlüsselfertigen Paket
  • 6 Monate Testphase
  • Keine Vorabkosten
  • Keine STC erforderlich
  • Einblicke in das Passagierverhalten in Echtzeit