Products Team Day – We are ready for the future!

Team Building Lufthansa Systems

On the 5th of April 2016 the Lido Navigation products team got together outside of the office to interact and celebrate as team! In January we made some structural changes at Lido Navigation and now the products team has grown.

With team building exercises, we agreed that we aim for wow and we are ready to go an extra mile for it. We are not satisfied with average results and we know how to balance innovation and quality. We believe that right information has to be available at the right time and that we should aim for simplicity. We know the market and we will lead the revolution!

For us our costumers are in the center - everything we do, we do it because we believe that it's going to make the users smile. We are proactive and anticipate changes in the market, putting focus on stability and quality. We are bringing more connectivity into the cockpit to change the way you navigate.

Them team decided, that from now on we will start celebrating our success more often – not only the big accomplishments, but also smaller steps. This keeps the team motivated and integrated. In addition, we will start having more team days because we believe is very important to see the colleagues outside of the office in a different atmosphere.

In general it was a very fruitful day. The team got closer and everyone had a chance to say what they would like to change and how they want to proceed in the future. Moreover, every department made a small presentation about what they are working on at the moment, the goals and the challenges for 2016. Like this, the products team is prepared for the future!