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News from the 17th EFB Users Forum in London/Heathrow

From the 13th to 15th of November, over 300 aviation professionals headed to London Heathrow for the EFB Users Forum. Among the delegates was our Product Owner for Lido/eRouteManual, Andreas Medlhammer. Read on for his summary and key insights from the event.

The main topics of the conference were focused around regulation, operator experiences and Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs). Here are the key takeaways from my perspective:



The FAA showed a progressive and demand-driven approach to innovation about topic such as alternate viewing devices, traffic outside of TCAS envelope, voice recognition and interaction and 3D procedure display. What I found particularly interesting was the innovation-friendly openness to upcoming possibilities.


Operator Experience

Lufthansa presented their vision on how to increase the efficiency within cockpits using an EFB. Their ideas follow the concept to make replaceable hardware and software smarter rather than the aircraft integrated equipment. This approach enables faster upgrades, bypasses certification needs and ensures participation in technology advancements.


Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs)

Today, many airlines still face difficulties creating a business case for AIDs in order to secure funding, since many benefits and possibilities have not yet been realized.

It shows similarities to the time when Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) came into the market; no one initially envisioned the possibilities that they could offer and how they would change the way in which we do things.


To conclude, it will be interesting to see how future solutions will provide us with possibilities not yet discovered.


Andreas Medlhammer

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Andreas Medlhammer
10. Apr 2018

About the author

Andreas holds a master’s degree in Business and Computer Science from the Technical University Clausthal (Germany). He has been an aviation enthusiast since his early childhood and has been flying for 21 years. Although he doesn’t actively work as a pilot, Andreas keeps his commercial pilot license and flight instructor rating current. Andreas joined Lufthansa Systems 12 years ago and actively led the transformation to digital within the production of navigation charts in his role as Head of Lido/RouteManual Production. Here, his focus was on optimizing the process and increasing the efficiency while sustaining the high quality. Form 2015 onwards, Andreas reorganized and built up the production of navigation charts and software development in Gdansk, Poland, in his role as Director of Aeronautical Navigation Services. Today, Andreas is shaping the future and leading the development of our Windows-based charting solution in his role as Product Owner of the Lido/eRouteManual.
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