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Lido Launches Paperless Briefing Solution

Digitalization is changing the entire airline industry - both on the ground and in the air. Pilots are increasingly using mobile devices throughout their flight operations. The Lido/mBriefing is our new iOS-based mobile application that helps airlines adopt a paperless briefing process and was developed by our navigation and flight-planning experts, in collaboration with our in-house designers and airline pilots from around the world.

The Lido mBriefing is the latest addition to our Lido pilot-solutions portfolio. It is an iOS-based mobile briefing application, and is an enhancement of the new Lido Flight 4D Crew Briefing application*. With the Lido mBriefing, pilots are now supported throughout all stages of their mission: from their pre-flight preparation, to in-flight support, and post-flight activities. Flight crews can now rely on a centralized source of flight information that provides an overview and access to their tools in a digestible format. Key benefits of the application include:

  • Support the paperless briefing process
  • Access to flight-plan relevant information, even during phases of no or limited connectivity
  • Cross-product integrations to update, share and synchronize route and briefing information
  • Visualize briefing information, such as NOTAMS, WX etc., graphically on a map
  • Direct connection to flight-planning services to receive briefing updates and messages
  • Workflow-centric user interface for increased accessibility to information and task efficiency throughout all phases of the flight


Pre-Flight Preparation

The Lido mBriefing facilitates the effective communication between the dispatch organization and the pilot. The application furthermore supports the document management system from the Lido Flight 4D Crew Briefing, allowing for the direct attachment of company-related information to the briefing package. The briefing documents are organized in a user-centric way, helping pilots quickly find all important information during the briefing process. The summary dashboard provides pilots with an overview of the most vital information. Furthermore, the NOTAM and weather screens were designed based on research, which helped us identify the best way in which we can support pilots in quickly recognizing the most important information. Finally, users have the ability to export the ATC flight plan directly into the Lido mPilot, saving them the time and effort of manually entering the flight plan into the charting application. This is the first integration between Lido's flight planning and navigation solutions, providing pilots with a seamless user experience and optimizing their time.


In-flight Support

The Lido mBriefing fully supports pilots throughout their in-flight duties. The Nav-Log and the fuel bar provide pilots with an overview of their flight status. Furthermore, all required information, such as fuel consumption, timestamps and updates can be easily managed within the application. The shortcut to ATC notes allows pilots to quickly save clearances, and the navigational log (Nav-Log) and ATC clearances can be shared with their co-pilots at any time, even when their iPads are not connected to the internet.


Post-Flight Activities

After a mission has been successfully executed, all flight-related information, including the pilots' signatures and notes, and ATC clearances are archived in Lido Flight 4D. Customers can retrieve these archives for documentation purposes and use them for a post-flight analysis, this ensures that deviations from the planned route can be used for future route optimization.



...but that's not all! In the future, more integrated features will be made available to increase operational efficiency and support the communication between the ground and flight deck. For example, flight dispatchers will be able to send remarks to pilots during the flight, allowing them to send through any live updates. This will improve communication between the ground and flight deck even further, and enhance the efficiency of the flight operations as pilots will be able to react to changes much faster which can lead to further savings in fuel, cost and flight time. Additionally, we are looking at further integrating the Lido mBriefing with the Lido mPilot to allow for the seamless exchange of data between both applications. For example, synchronizing changes made by the pilot in-flight in the Nav-Log.


We have very exciting and dynamic times ahead of us. Through the constant involvement of our customers and end users in the development process, we are ensuring that we provide solutions which are innovative and meet the needs of our end users.



*Note: The Lido mBriefing is available from Lido Flight R6.2.0 onward.

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Lyndal Moeller
05. Jul 2017

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