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Lido Flight 4D at the forefront of taming the NOTAM wave (Part 2 of 2)

Lido Flight 4D Aeronautical Data Service Team; 83 engaged employees, 24/7 availability
Lido Flight 4D Aeronautical Data Service Team; 83 engaged employees, 24/7 availability

14. Oct 2021

Each day, around 35,000 NOTAMs are active in the worldwide aeronautical information system. In 2020, it was more than 1.7 million altogether. How is Lido supporting ICAO with their Global Campaign on NOTAM improvement (NOTAM2021)? Our Aeronautical Data Service Owner - Agnieszka Ostrowska - explains…

Historically, the number of NOTAMs increased on average by more than 100,000 every year, except for 2020 due to the pandemic when we saw a slight decrease - for the first time in over a decade - of 5 percent. NOTAMs are the blood cells of the information bloodstream, feeding users with relevant data. Some of them are very old which can have an impact on the stability and responsiveness of the system.

ICAO divides the whole group into three categories: Current (less than 3 months), Old (more than 3 months but less than 1 year), and Very Old NOTAM (more than 1 year). According to ICAO regulation, no such information should ever be active for more than 3 months. This information should be distributed via other designated sources. For many long-hauls, the flight briefing package contains more than 100 pages. ICAO research showed that 20 percent of them are old. That's why ICAO created a Global Campaign on NOTAM Improvement (NOTAM2021). The objective is to enhance the quality of NOTAMs by eliminating non-compliant NOTAMs. More than 400,000 old NOTAMs can be potentially eliminated in 2021 alone, and prevent them from reoccurring in future years.

During the first progress webinar, Aeronautical Data Service Owner Agnieszka Ostrowska presented the work and team AF/L-ADS - Aeronautical Data Service - from Gdańsk. Working on the three shifts daily, seven days a week, they are responsible for the manual processing of data provided in the NOTAMs. This database is the heart of Lido Flight 4D which offers filtering and automation for airlines, aircraft, type of operations, and relevance all in respective time and space.

Agnieszka provided some examples of how Lido is working with the data. A typical briefing package, for the Munich-Singapore flight was shown during the Kickoff Webinar. A reduction from 1,200 NOTAMs in sample briefing to just 300 NOTAMs in the Lido Flight 4D briefing was received with much attention and appreciation. Agnieszka showed data concerning faulty NOTAMs and clarification queries which are daily routine due to data errors.

It was an opportunity for sharing experience between the publishers and operators of data with the common goal of improving the situation. Representatives for ICAO expressed their gratitude for meeting and expectation for further cooperation.

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