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IT professional and hobby pilot in one – Meet Viktor Szlanka

IT professional and hobby pilot in one
IT professional and hobby pilot in one

27. Jul 2021

We, the people of Lufthansa Systems Hungária, are passionate and talented professionals with many different interests. Not only do we master the skills that are required for our jobs, but we also thrive in other hobbies and activities. Viktor Szlanka, Lead of Application Operations is a great example: he’s always been fascinated by aviation, so he applied to a pilot training course and began to fly small aeroplanes in his spare time.




1. When did you get into flying?

I have been interested in flying since I was a child. The planes in the sky always amazed me and I also like flying as a passenger, so I take advantage of stand-by opportunities whenever I can. I even had the chance to come home from Frankfurt in a cockpit. In 2019, I had the opportunity to try small aircraft flying with a flight training company. I took a course, and I was immediately hooked on the science of flying.


2. What exam did you do exactly?

I have a PPL(SEP) international certificate, which means I can fly with single-engine piston aircrafts as a small aircraft hobby pilot. After the exam, there are still many opportunities for further training and additional courses. Entering the world of aviation requires continuous learning and knowledge maintenance.

3. Why did you choose this hobby? Why are you drawn to aviation?

Aviation as a hobby involves many sciences that have always been close to me, such as physics, aerodynamics, mechanics, electronics, meteorology and geography. Preparing for a flight is a complex task: we have to study the map and figure out how to approach foreign airports. Then we have to plan the route, carefully monitor weather forecasts and prepare a pilot brief before taking off.


4. How many hours have you flown as a pilot?

The basic training requires a minimum of 45 hours of flight time. However, students are not allowed to fly on their own until they have completed the school circuit, which includes take-off, altitude hold, approach, landing and the final flare.

With over 400 take-offs and landings and many tricky routes, I have learnt everything from my instructors; now I have 100 hours of flying under my belt.

5. What is your most memorable or exciting experience?

Take-offs and landings are the most exciting moments of flying for me. The direction and the strength of the wind can be very challenging, especially if there’s a crosswind. Reacting to it requires many years of practice.

A further thrill in flying is orientation by the map. I constantly scan the landscape around the aircraft and monitor the traffic, while I communicate with information services through the radio. It took me over a year and a half to master all these skills.

The most exciting experiences were practicing emergency situations with my instructor, for example stall spin recovery at high altitude.

If anyone would like to know more about this exciting hobby, please feel free to contact Viktor via :)


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