EFB Users Forum in Singapore : Exciting news !

Nowadays, we all agree that carrying an EFB is more efficient and intuitive than carrying all the charts, manuals and aircraft documentation separately.


Now, the real challenge is how to benefit from the features offered by EFB that go beyond not carrying paper, as for example improving situational awareness with an Airport Moving Map or getting the latest turbulence report from the aircraft on the planned route 100 Nm ahead.


This leads to the following questions:

  •           What is exactly allowed by the authorities of my country ?
  •           Do I need to install an AID on all my aircrafts ? What if I have a mixed fleet, either in age and in manufacturers ?
  •           How did the other airlines manage ​that ?



For regulation some good news were announced:

  •           FAA just published AC 120-76D and own ship position in all phase of flight is allowed now
  •           EASA should approve OSS for taxi in the next year
  •           CAA should approve OSS for taxi and flight end of next year


Airlines will finally be able to benefit from the increased situational awareness provided by the Airport Moving Map providers. A new era is starting here, an era in which EFB is not considered as an option but as an enabler to help decision making and increase safety. We were pleased to see the airline/regulator cooperation working well and providing more and more benefits for both parties.


Looking forward to the next steps !



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